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Amin Moslemi Petrudi

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Amin Moslemi Petrudi
Journal Articles
Numerical and Analytical Simulation of Ballistic Projectile Penetration due to High Velocity Impact on Ceramic Target
Experimental and Numerical Study of the Blast Wave Decrease using Sandwich Panel by Granular Materials Core
Multi-objective Optimization to Increase Nusselt Number and Reduce Friction Coefficient of Water/Carbon Nanotubes via NSGA II using Response Surface Methodology
Analytical Investigation of the Vibrational and Dynamic Response of Nano-Composite Cylindrical Shell Under Thermal Shock and Mild Heat Field by DQM method
Analytical and Dynamic study of Pulled Mass Nonlinear Vibration by Two Cables using Newton's Harmonic Balance Method
Investigating and Modeling the Factors Affecting Thermal Optimization and Dynamic Viscosity of Water Hybrid Nanofluid/Carbon Nanotubes via MOPSO using ANN
Investigation of Crack Growth by Loading Fatigue due to Fluid and Structural Coupling Vibrations in the Joint of Thermowell Welding in Gas Pipeline
The Effect of Angles of the Building Corners on its Pattern of Explosive Loading of Side Faces in the case of the External Explosion
Validation and Optimization of Thermophysical Properties for Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity of Nanofluid Engine Oil using Neural Network
Numerical and Analytical Study of Fatigue and Degradation in Multilayer Composite Plates
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Stacking Sequences Effects in Composite Mechanical Joints under Impact Loadings
One-Dimensional Analysis and Modeling of the Xu 7 Engine Due to Changes in Valve Timing to Improve Engine Performance
Optimization and Experimental Investigation of the Ability of New Material from Aluminum Casting on Pumice Particles to Reduce Shock Wave
Numerical Study of the Rheological Properties of Hybrid Nano fluid via MOPSO Algorithm using RSM Method and the Nusselt Number Optimization
Numerical and Experimental Study of Oblique Penetration of a Blunt Projectile into Ceramic-Aluminum Target
Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Thermophysical Properties for Thermal Conductivity and Reynolds number of CuO-Water Nanofluid using Artificial Neural Network
Parametric Optimization and Calculation of vibrations Introducted by Propulsion Installation
Numerical and Analytical Investigation of the Penetration of Rigid Long Rod Projectiles into Steel Targets
Experimental and numerical optimization study of shock wave damping in aluminum panel sandwich
Analytical Study of Nonlinear Vibrations of Marine Risers by Newton Harmonic Balance Method
Optimization and Numerical Analysis of the Ricochet of Conical Nose Projectile in the Collision with Ceramic-Aluminum Armor
Nonlinear vibration and dynamic response of nano composite conical tube by conveying fluid flow
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