Personal Information
Michael Ioelovich

Department of Biological Chemistry, Faculty of Biochemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Michael Ioelovich
From 09/1972 to 05/1992, PhD; Dr.Sci; Habilit.Dr.Sci. , Latvia
Work Experiences
From 09/1972 to 06/2014, Project Manager; Chief Chemist , Latvian State University; Institure of Wood Chemistry; Polymate Ltd, Designer Energy Ltd
From 01/2009 to 06/2014, Structure, Composition and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Lignocellulose , Determination nano-structure of cellulose materials and study relationship bettween structural parameters and enzymatic digestibility
From 01/2000 to 01/2005, Development of cellulose nanoparticles , Optimal conditions for production cellulose nanoparticles were studied
From 01/1995 to 10/1999, Rapid biodegradable hydrophobic polymer coating compositions , Various kinds of biodegradable coatings were proposed to protect paper and cardboards against penetration water and grease
Chemistry and Technology of Polymers
"Cellulose - Nanostructured Natural Polymer", Lambert, ISBN:978-3-659-17437-7, Author: Michael Ioelovich
"Plant Biomass as a Renewable Source of Biofuels and Biochemicals", Lambert, ISBN:978-3-659-43754-0, Author: Michael Ioelovich
"Correlation analysis of enzymatic digestibility of plant biomass", Springer-Verlag, Suthor: Michael Ioelovich
"Production of Nano-Particles of Cellulose for Medicine Materials", Tech. Mater, ISBN: 978-5-98580-064-7,Authors: V.Filatov, M.Ioelovich et al.
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Conference Papers
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