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Jiun-Iung Lei

Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technlogy, Taiwan, Taiwan

Jiun-Iung Lei
From 09/2006 to 12-2009, Department of English (Composition & TESOL), Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania (Ph.D) , U.S.A.
Work Experiences
From 08/1994 to 08/2018, Assistant Professor , Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology
From 12/2017 to 07/2018, Constructing English Achievement Tests for Pu Tai Elementary School: Grade Four to Grade Six , KEY WORDS:globalization, achievement tests, Pu Tai Elementary School After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and communist countries in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, the term globalization has first surfaced in academic research and in the mass media. Especially since the 1990s, the traces of globalization have been found worldwide in politics, economy, society, culture, science and technology, education, and so on. In the field of education, the English education of non-English-speaking countries is most affected by globalization. As a result, there has been a continuous decline in the age of learning English, resulting in the popularity of English education around the world (Chen, 2014). With the tide of globalization, the world today has become a global village. People from different countries communicate with one another more frequently and opportunities for using English are greatly increased. On the Internet, English has also become one of the most important languages. I
From 08/2014 to 07/2015, College Students as International Volunteers: A Case of Service Learning in Northern Thailand , KEY WORDS: International Volunteerism, Service Learning, Cross-Cultural College Students as International Volunteers: A Case of Service Learning in Northern Thailand More than 120 countries world-wide have engaged in joint endeavor to promote volunteerism since the United Nations declared the year 2001 as the International Year of Volunteers. In this benevolent milieu, young people are not passive receivers of social resources. Instead, they volunteer their service, making a better world out of our society. Their participation in volunteerism transforms the local community, and becomes a positive force globally. Volunteer travel experiences have enduring effects on young people. When the youth serve as a volunteer in a foreign country, they gain valuable cross-cultural experiences which they could not obtain otherwise in class. Volunteer travel experiences inspire volunteers to make changes in their life. Furthermore, volunteer travels offer volunteers in-depth service l
Reading and Composition Theories
Second Language Teaching
Discourse Analysis
Lei, J. I. (2009). An investigation of the effects of discourse types on Taiwanese college students’ reading strategy use (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA.
Journal Articles
Lei, J. I. (2016). A Study on Taiwanese College Students’ Use of Global Reading Strategies in Different Discourse Types. Chang Gung Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 9(2), 307-337.
Lei, J. I. (2015). An Autoethnography of a L2 English Learner in Taiwan: Where is the End of the Tunnel? English Teaching and Learning, 39(3), 61-78.(THCI Core)
Lei, J.I. (2014). Revisit Direction-Giving: Is It such a Good Idea to Use Natural Conversation as the Model for Textbook Dialogue?. Chung Chou Journal of Management and Humanity Science, 2(2), 18-36.
Lei, J.I. (2012). A Semiotic Analysis of the UNESCO, World Bank and IMF's Language Literacy Ideology: Engaging the Third World Countries in a Deadly Liaison. Journal of Nan Kai, 9(2), 41-48.
Conference Papers
Lei, J. I. (2016). “A Pilot Study on the Effects of Culture Schemata on Taiwanese L2 English Readers’ Use of Reading Strategies ." Presented at 2016 Chungtai Humanities Symposium at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, J. I. (2015). “Product, Process, and Post-Process: Whether the Writing Process Paradigm Shift Brings us to the Post-Process Era ?" Presented at the 10th Annual Conference on Applied English .with the theme,"Innovations in Language Teaching and Business Communication."
Lei, J. I. (2013). “An Observation Report of L2 English Learners’ Strategy Use ." Presented at 2013 English Teaching Conference at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, J.I., Lo, M. & Li, Y. (2012). Paradigm Shift: A Preliminary Understanding of Changes in the English as a Second Language Teaching Method." Presented at 2012 ESP Conference at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, Jiun-Iung (2011). Gender Differences in Reading Strategy Use among Taiwanese Technical College Students." Presented at 2011 English Teaching Conference at Hsiuping Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, Jiun-Iung (2011). Linking Theory to Practice: Vygotsky's Socio-Cultural Theories, Second Language Acquisition and Electronic Mail. Paper Presented at 2011 ESP Conference at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, Jiun-Iung (2010). A Study of the Effects of Gender on Taiwanese EFL Learners' Reading Strategies." Presented at 2010 DAFL Teacher Research Colloquium.
Lei, Jiun-Iung. (2009). ''An Investigation of the Effects of Discourse Types on Taiwanese College Students'Reading Strategy Use.'' Presented at IUP GSA/EGO 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference with the theme, ''Transitions and Crossovers.'' Friday, June 26, 2009 Hadley Union Building [HUB] Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, PA 15705-1094
Lei, Jiun-Iung. (2008). A Study of Taiwanese ESL Readers' Use of the Comprehension Strategies: How Different Reading Tasks Affect the Way Readers Use their Reading Strategies. Presented at IUP GSA/EGO 6th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference titled "Crossing Borders and Pushing Boundaries in the University and Beyond", Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Lei, Jiun-Iung. (2007). "Direction Giving: Do Non-Native Directions Seekers Receive Special Treatment Because of their Non-Native Identity?" Presented at Three Rivers TESOL Annual Fall Conference, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
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