Personal Information
Ebrahim Vahdat

Department of Engineering, Ayatollah Amoli Branch, Islamic Azad University, Amol, Mazandaran, Iran

Ebrahim Vahdat
From 02/2010 to 06/2015, PhD in Advanced Materials , Department of Materials Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran.
Work Experiences
From 07/1997 to 10/2006, Chief Engineer, Department of Engineering , Iran Heavy Diesel Engine (DESA) Company
From 10/2006 to 10/2014, Chief Tutors , Department of Engineering, Ayatollah Amoli Branch, Islamic Azad University, Amol, Iran.
From 2013 to up to now, Elsevier Reviewer ,
From 07/2013 to 10/2014, Centrifugal casting , Functionally graded materials
From 02/2004 to 03/2006, Electrochemical corrosion , Steel alloys, Copper alloys, Aluminum alloys
From 01/2008 to 06/2008, Sustainable development , Metal extracting industries
Production and improvement of advanced tool steels
Sustainability in Materials
Application of computer in metallurgy and material, 2008
Production method, 2012,
Monitoring, Detection and Maintenance of diesel engine, 2006, Iran Industrial Research and Training Center Publication
Material lessons: general material science, 3th edition, Volume 1-3, 2011,
Appropriate material for diesel engine, 2th edition, 2011,
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
A solution for R&D development, 4th congress of Iranian R&D department, Iran, 2003
Selecting of appropriate electrode in fully salt water by fuzzy logic, MetSoc (COM2005), Calgary, Canada, 2005
Is Iron strategic metal for Iran?, steel symposium 84, Esfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2006
Application of the Fuzzy Logic for Determining Strategic Metals in Iran, The International Conference on Problem Solving Strategies & Techniques, Iran, 2006
Comparing of electrochemical corrosion of steels in fully salt water by fuzzy logic, ECS2006, Egypt, 2006
Application of fuzzy logic for determining optimum operating condition of iron and steel making in Folad Khozestanin in relation to sustainable development, Steel symposium 86, Ahvaz, Iran, 2008
Iron and steel making development in Iran: How much is it sustainable?, Management Control and Sustainable Development, Malaysia, 2009
The Monitoring Model of Pollutants in Pyrometallurgy Industries in Different Regions, International Conference on Governance for Excellence GO EXCEL, Madurai, India, 2012
Honors and Awards
The best researcher, 2010
Elsevier reviewing award for quality of the Journal, 2015
The best researcher, 2014
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